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Second Opinions

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Why Second
Opinions Matter?

We constantly see patients getting over billed and over treated only to experience trauma from surgery that was never needed. This corporate greed disgusts us and is the driving force why we fight for our Patients to avoid over treatment and save money that can be better spent on their health and family. 

A Brief Story 

This story is unbelievable even to us and although it's an extreme example, we felt we had to share it with you  


A patient came to Dr. Sanders with a $32,000 dental invoice from a local Tacoma dental practice. Yes, $32,000  and that is not a typo.


Normally. we see larger treatment plans in the $10,000-$15,000 price range with maybe $3,000-$4,000 in unneeded treatment, but this one beats them all. 


According to the patient, she met with a dentist because she had cavities in her teeth and wanted to fix them. The other doctor gave her a treatment plan, but.

  • They never explained why the costs were so high 

  • They did not justify the treatment plan 

  • They never explained the other options

Essentially, the plan was for a "full smile makeover" even though the patient never asked for one and the patient was left confused.  


Dr. Sanders provided a second opinion and

  • Explained that half of the "crowns" were not needed but were a "nice-to-have" suggestion 

  • Prices were likely higher because they were "prosthodontics" prices

  • She explored other options like keeping original teeth, doing bridges and composite veneers and even just "waiting" and keeping things on watch and using fluoride 


Between not over treating and not pushing crowns at "prosthodontics" prices, Dr. Sanders was able to address the essentials while helping improve the patient smile. 

If the patient would have listened to the first dentist, the patient unnecessarily would have had teeth ground down causing irreversible changes to the tooth structure.


Additionally, the patient may have suffered stress, anxiety and depression from thinking their mouth needed more work than it did and plus the burden of spending their savings. 


Dr. Sanders' treatment plan saved the patient $20,000 ... and the patient walked away understanding all their options.


Most importantly, it was a conservative option, that reduced the amount of treatment and trauma to the patient. 


Sad to say, we see patients being price gouged and taken advantage of everyday by Wall Street Corporate Chains.  Only leaving people to suffer.

Meet Our Doctor &

Dr. Jacqueline Sanders

Engineer, Neurobiologist, Doctor of Dental Surgery


Kind Words
From Patients

Second Opinions

We see patients being price gouged and taken advantage of everyday.  Only leaving people to suffer. We will always help you fight this type of evil and greed by providing second opinions on dental treatments. 

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