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Bringing Fido

We want you to feel comfortable coming to the dentist. We also know our neighborhood has many dog lovers who often leave their pets in cars during visits.   That's why you can bring your dog and leave them in  our small courtyard right next to our office. 

During breaks, you may open up the blinds and check-in on your pup in the yard.  

We do have a few rules and procedures that must be followed, so please take some time to read them below.  We will also share a more detailed list when you get here. 

Important things to know 

  • Due to laws and permitting, we do not watch, provide care, board or charge for any dog service

  • You must sign and submit all paperwork before bringing your dog 

    • You must submit current vaccinations 

    • You are responsible and liable for your dog. You must sign a release of liability

    • You'll be responsible to walk the dog yard and ensure it's safe and secure for your furry friend

    • You must attest to any history of aggressive behavior or jumping

  • A dog cannot be unreasonably loud barking or destructive while in the yard or waiting room

  • For sanitary and safety, service animals  in treatment rooms only but you may leave your pup in the yard

Although we hope this never happens, we reserve the right to ask you to remove a misbehaving dog, out of respect for the neighboring businesses, other patients and so the doctor can safely concentrate  on the surgeries.

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