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Holistic Dentistry Near You: A Comprehensive, Patient-Centric Approach to Dental Care

Updated: Feb 26

If you've been endlessly searching for "holistic near Tacoma WA," "holistic dentist near Lakewood WA," "dentist near University Place WA," then your journey ends with Dr. Sanders.

The realm of holistic dentistry extends beyond the treatment of dental ailments—it's about perceiving the mouth as a critical component of the body's overall ecosystem.

In our practice, we bridge the gap between Dr. Sanders unique training in engineering, neurobiology and dental surgery with holistic care.

This unique fusion caters to individuals who hold reservations about mainstream dental practices by providing a compassionate and well-rounded approach to oral health.

Reservations About Conventional Dentistry

Some patients harbor concerns about conventional dentistry, particularly regarding the use of certain materials and treatments.

These concerns can range from the use of mercury in amalgam fillings to debates over fluoride's safety [1]. In response, holistic dentistry provides a platform for these patients to receive care that respects their health principles.

Our Holistic Dental Practice: Embracing the Art of Healing

At our dental practice, we employ a variety of techniques designed to enhance the patient experience by addressing both dental needs and overall well-being:

  • Dental Anxiety Reduction with Music:

    • We curate calming and uplifting soundscapes to soothe our patients, making the dental chair feel like a retreat rather than a challenge.

  • Dental Anxiety Reduction with Pets:

    • The presence of friendly animals in our office helps to create a comforting environment that can lower stress and improve patient outlooks.

  • Dental Anxiety Reduction with Biophilic Design:

    • Our office incorporates elements from nature to create a serene and healing atmosphere, helping patients connect with the calming effects of the natural world.

  • Dental Anxiety Reduction with Art and Puzzles:

    • Engaging artwork and puzzles are available to our patients, providing a joyful distraction that can ease anxiety and stimulate cognitive engagement, drawing focus away from dental procedures.

  • Diet and Nutrition's Impact on Oral Health:

    • We offer comprehensive counseling on how diet affects dental health, emphasizing whole foods that naturally fight decay and support oral health.

  • The Mouth-Body Connection:

    • We emphasize the importance of oral health as it relates to systemic health, monitoring any indications of oral disease that could impact overall body wellness.

  • The Influence of Systemic Diseases on Oral Health:

    • Recognizing that systemic conditions can influence oral health, we customize our dental treatments to support patients with various health challenges.

  • Saliva Composition Analysis:

    • By evaluating the unique composition of a patient's saliva, we gain insights that help us tailor preventive care more effectively.

  • Metal-Free Fillings:

    • For patients with aesthetic concerns or sensitivities to metals, we provide high-quality, metal-free filling options.

  • Natural Tooth Remineralization:

    • Our practice supports the natural rebuilding of enamel with treatments and advice on diet and oral hygiene practices that can enhance enamel strength.

  • Fluoride-Free Alternatives:

    • We respect the choices of patients who prefer to avoid fluoride by offering effective alternatives like xylitol, nano-hydroxyapatite, and herbal rinses [5].

    • Read more about fluoride alternative in our blog article



By integrating conventional dental practices with holistic methods, our practice aims to deliver a level of care that resonates with a diverse patient base. Our array of anxiety-reducing measures and our commitment to using biocompatible materials allow us to provide a nurturing environment. This empathetic, inclusive approach not only builds trust but also promotes comprehensive oral health as a fundamental part of our patients' overall health journey.

No longer do you need to search for "holistic dentist near me." With Dr. Sanders, you gain access to a dentist who combines a deep understanding of dental science with a keen eye for your values. Whether you choose no fluoride or simply want an end-to-end consult on dental health and the body, Dr. Sanders is committed to guiding you through the decision-making process.

Transform your smile and confidence with the expert care at Dr. Sanders's clinic, where your dental health and beauty are the top priorities.


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